Most of our riders are weekend warriors, not pros. We are experienced but not Hammerheads. Shaved legs are not a requirement, but an inexplicable (if not deranged) love for the bike is a must. 

We absolutely encourage riders that are new to cycling and inspired by our cause. We ride road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, you name it. (We'd love to add a unicycle to the roster. Anyone?) Some riders like to push themselves to extremes, some just want a little extra incentive for their weekend rides. Both (and everything in between) are dandy.

Bottom line, our door is open to all.

Local chapters with enough riders will have a Chapter Patron in charge of community rides, meetings and fundraisers. We are attempting to build a community of cyclists with a common goal.

It’s truly an honor and a privilege to ride for those who can't, so we take each pedal stroke seriously, while having fun along the way.  There are a few other nuts and bolts that we ask of members, all in the spirit of our cause. For our first operating year, there will be no annual dues – but this will change in 2020 in order to help cover operational costs and various goodies here and there. (We are in the process of offering a treasure trove of community benefits for our members.)

Our HQ is in Los Angeles, but we are chatting with various folks about opening chapters in other parts of the country. Bottom line, if you think you're as crazy as we are, please drop us a line about joining our merry band!

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