We ask a few things from our members...

  • A ridiculously fantastic attitude. (Except when climbing, then we totally understand.)

  • To use Strava or a similar mileage / workout tracking platform. We want your donors to cheer (and jeer) with you all year long.

  • To own and maintain proper tools on the bike – pump, CO2 cartridges, Allen wrenches...

  • A basic knowledge of cycling maintenance is important (changing a tire, adjusting a seat post...) We don't expect you to be a professional mechanic, but we do want everyone to be self-sufficient out there.

  • For any group or local rides, signature of our rider waiver is required.

  • Lastly, a willingness to push oneself is a prerequisite, even when the legs don't wanna...all in the name of those who are suffering far more.